Whistler Museum and Archives Society Whistler's Answers Whistler’s Answers: May 19, 1983

Whistler’s Answers: May 19, 1983


In the 1980s the Whistler Question began posing a question to three to six people and publishing their responses under “Whistler’s Answers” (not to be confused with the Whistler Answer).  Each week, we’ll be sharing one question and the answers given back in 1983.  Please note, all names/answers/occupations/neighbourhoods represent information given to the Question at the time of publishing and do not necessarily reflect the person today.

Some context for this week’s question: We’re not sure this question requires any additional context.

Christine Rodgers – Physician – White Gold

I know all the studies say that if you lift the drinking age it helps but I think it would be more effective to penalize drunk drivers more heavily. I’m not in favour of raising the legal age, I’d rather see the penalties applied more stringently and across the board.

Dave Cipp – Bartender – White Gold

No, I think that would only make things worse. It would lead to drinking in parks and cars. I think they’d find this age group would become more militant not easier to handle. If they’re old enough and responsible enough to vote then it’s a real kick in the head to say they can’t drink.

Karen Playfair – Grocery Store Employee – Alpine Meadows

I don’t really think there would be fewer incidents. What authorities should do is make penalties stricter and make people more aware of the dangers and they’d have to do this when they reach 21 anyway. It’s attitudes not ages that need changing.

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