Naming Night at the Museum

Naming Night is back at the Whistler Museum!

The Whistler Museum is looking for your help again, and this time we’re both back in person and online! As part of this interactive evening, we’re seeking assistance in putting names to faces and places that appear in Whistler’s history. Whether you’ve been in the valley for decades or are new to the area, have lived here or visited over the years, we’ll be displaying a collection of photographs that we are searching for more information on. Come identify your friends, family and anything in between!

We will be posting the physical photographs in the museum on Thursday, September 22. All of the photographs (with notes from information gathered on Thursday) will be posted on our Facebook page here on the morning of Friday, September 23. More names and information can be added to each individual photograph in the comment section, or you can even tag your friends in the photograph!

This Naming Night will include quite a few photographs from the Blackcomb Mountain Collection, which is current being digitized, so if you worked on Blackcomb Mountain in the 1980s/990s or knew people who did, be sure to take a look!

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