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The Whistler Question: A Photographic History


We are very excited to announce that The Whistler Question: A Photographic History 1978 – 1985 will open Friday, September 15!  To celebrate the opening of our latest exhibit and the completion of the Whistler Question Digitization Project (you can read more about that here) we would like to invite everyone to join us and special guests Paul Burrows and Glenda Bartosh for appetizers and drinks at the Whistler Museum.

Featuring photographs from the Whistler Question Collection, this new exhibit captures the town of Whistler during a time of transition and rapid change.  Come and view the development of the resort and the growth of the community through nearly seven years worth of photos!

3 thoughts on “The Whistler Question: A Photographic History”

  1. I lived and worked in Whistler from 1979-1987; a time of great change indeed! Also – ours was the first wedding in Whistler by a marriage commissioner (on the shores of Alta Lake); two of our three children born while living there…wish I could see the exhibit!!!

  2. Thanks – great collection! Very nostalgic! I found myself in the week of Aug 21/80 – Molson swim photos 🙂 The swim took place in Alta Lake (whereas our wedding was actually at Alpha Lake – excuse the typo above).

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