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Petersen Family Home Video – Creekside in 1974


We can get pretty wordy around here, so w e’re going to switch things up this week. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than what’s the value in video?

We’re fortunate enough to be quite rich when it comes to film, so we’ll share some of that this week.

Earlier this year we were able to digitize some home video filmed by Whistler pioneers Florence and Andy Petersen. They provide a fascinating look at the resorts early days, from the 1950s-70s. Several short videos have been uploaded to our YouTube account, but this week we’ll highlight a single clip from 1974.

It opens with a quick pan across Alta Lake to Mount Currie, Wedge Mountain, and Weart Mountain glowing in the winter sun. It then cuts to a slow drive past Creekside, Whistler’s original ski resort base. One is able to spot the Gondola Barn, the Skier’s Chapel. the original Gulf gas station, and several other modest wooden structures.

Though Creekside certainly has its charms, it is a far cry from the thoroughly planned and meticulously maintained Whistler Village. Though short, the clip allows you to understand the lay of the land much better than words or photos.


Since we’re quite well-endowed in the photo department as well, we’ll include a lovely photo of Florence swimming in an alpine tarn (perhaps Harmony Lake) in August 1958.


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