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The Whistler Museum has signed up to be a team leader for the Ironman event in Whistler this August. We need to get a team of 20 volunteers together in order to receive $1000 for our organization – so we need your help!

The funds raised will go towards buying acid-free housing for our artifacts, archives and photographs. This is essential to be able to preserve Whistler’s heritage and prevent deterioration.

We will need your help on 25th August – 6pm-midnight. The Museum has been selected to run a Run Aid Station.

The Run Aid Station is a station on the running part of the course where athletes can get water, energy drinks, food and sponges. Our job will be hand them the product that they need and to offer lots of encouragement.

The running is the last section of the race and the athletes are going to be extremely tired so our encouragement and help will be badly needed!  We’re expecting the atmosphere to be fantastic and we’re sure the day will be a lot of fun.

The Museum’s run aid station is Station 8, which will be located on Lorimer Road, just outside the entrance to day lots 4 & 5.

Ironman will provide food for the volunteers and make sure that there are no issues with transportation to the site.

If you would like to join our team then here is how you sign up:

Go to www.ironman.ca

  • Click on “Volunteer”
  • Click here to volunteer
  • Scroll down the list and find Run Aid Station 8 Shift 2 on Sunday 25th August.
  • (Make sure you get the right station and shift, else you won’t be volunteering for the museum!)
  • Check the box beside the name
  • Go back to the top and Click Sign Up
  • Populate the screen that appears

Once you have signed up the Museum will contact you and answer any questions that you may have. You have to sign up via the site and not by contacting the Museum directly as all volunteers are required to sign a waiver.

We hope you can volunteer with us!

Whistler Museum

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