Can We Crowd-Source Democracy?



Over the last decade we have witnessed the most rapid technological advancement in human history. First and foremost, the Internet has completely changed how we communicate and interact with each other. Websites such as Wikipedia and YouTube have proven that, with the right technologies, vibrant, purposeful communities can emerge around crowd-sourced content. New applications using this open, collaborative system are created every day.

Can the success of open-source be applied offline to other aspects of society? Steve Andrews believes the potential is nothing short of revolutionary, and will be sharing his insights at the Whistler Museum’s next Speaker Series event.

Steve is extremely excited about the implications of the open-source paradigm, especially its potential to replace hierarchical, top-down power with collaborative broadcasting by and for the masses. With his presentation “Collaborative Communities: How the Open-Source Movement can Transform Society” Steve hopes to pay this enthusiasm forward.

The talk will begin with a historical overview of the open-source movement, discuss some of the more practical and effective applications of this collaborative paradigm, and present an alternative to what he considers overly centralized and bureaucratic governance models. The presentation will conclude with an interactive workshop; guests are encouraged (but not required) to bring a wifi-enabled laptop, smartphone, or tablet. This is democracy in action in the 21st century!


When: Wednesday, February 20th; Doors at 6pm, show 7pm-9pm
Where: Whistler Museum
Who: 19+
Cost: $7 regular price, $5 for museum members

To purchase tickets (seating is limited), call the Whistler Museum at 604.932.2019, or visit us at 4333 Main Street, just behind the library.

There will be a cash bar featuring the Whistler Brewing Company and Jackson Triggs Wines, as well as complimentary coffee served courtesy of the Whistler Roasting Company.

Presenter’s Bio: Steve Andrews is a B.C.-born and Whistler-based creative thinker and multimedia storyteller. Though he completed stints at the University of Southern California and Simon Fraser University, his most rewarding lessons have come through travelling the world. Steve’s outside-the-box thinking and strong convictions were on full display last autumn when he was one of the youngest candidates in Whistler’s hotly contested municipal election. He currently runs his own creative services firm, is a freelance writer, and still shreds over 100 days each winter.

About Whistler Museum’s Speaker Series: More than mere repositories of old stuff, museums are institutions of ideas, venues where communities share, debate, and explore their thoughts on the world at large. To that end the Whistler Museum hosts regular Speaker Series events featuring presentations on a diversity of subjects: from the usual suspects of mountain culture and adventure travel, to the environment, design, current events, and beyond. These events are hosted on the third Wednesday of the month, October through April (minus December), and present the perfect opportunity for locals and visitors alike to encounter compelling stories in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere. All Speaker Series events have a cash bar and are 19+.


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