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A Character Like No Other: Photographs of Myrtle Philip


As cliché as it is to say, photographs really do have the ability to speak a thousand words and tell of a million adventures. While exploring our Philip Collection here at the museum it’s impossible to ignore the consistently smiling face of Myrtle Philip. Never have I seen a person’s character brought so vividly to life through photographs as I have through these images of Myrtle.

Although not a mother in the typical sense, Myrtle brought life to Whistler and was truly an amazing woman. For this, what better time than Mother’s Day to share some of those powerful photographs of one of our valley’s most influential women?

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  1. It was an Honour to know and meet Myrtle during the early 80s in Whistler. Back in the day when we had the Ski Swap & the Alta Lake Craft Fair at Myrtle Philip Elementary …and she use to attend even tho she was in a chair during that time. Bless her inspiration to All of us to create Whistler as we have today

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