Film and Video From The Archives Vol. 1


The Whistler Museum is home to many 16mm, 8mm films, and VHS tapes depicting Whistler, and life in Whistler from as early as 1933. Over the next few months we will be bringing you many of these wonderful films and videos from our archives.

16mm film & VHS tapes. Searchin for nugs.

To enhance all the excitement that comes with winter and the opening of the Mountain,  we present to you “Images of Whistler”, a Whistler Mountain promotional film extravaganza.

One of the ways Garibaldi Lifts LTD  promoted Whistler Mountain to potential skiers/customers was to produce short  films/advertisements highlighting Whistler skiing and culture.  “Images of Whistler” produced in [1975] was one such film. Depicting skiing, kids ski camps, ski races, ice hockey, ice sailing, log riding in a swimming pool, and all set to a very groovy Jazz-Funk soundtrack, Whistler has never looked or sounded so cool.


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