Whistler Museum and Archives Society Whistler's Answers Whistler’s Answers: May 10, 1984

Whistler’s Answers: May 10, 1984


In the 1980s the Whistler Question began posing a question to three to six people and publishing their responses under “Whistler’s Answers” (not to be confused with the Whistler Answer).  Each week, we’ll be sharing one question and the answers given back in 1984.  Please note, all names/answers/occupations/neighbourhoods represent information given to the Question at the time of publishing and do not necessarily reflect the person today.

Some context for this week’s question: On Monday, May 7, about 50 people attended a meeting at Myrtle Philip School to discuss Whistler’s parks and recreation facilities. The meeting reviewed the work done so far and included a “before and after” slide show of completed and under construction parks projects. Lost Lake Park had been officially opened in September 1982, sections of the Valley Trail had been paved and more were underway, and more parks were planned.

Question: What do you think of Whistler’s parks and trail systems?

Peter Xhignesse – Ski Patroller – Tapley’s Farm

I use it. I think it’s nice to have an area off the highway for bikes to go through. They’ve done a fabulous job with Lost Lake Park, it’s a big facelift. I am a little disappointed at the lack of recreational things like baseball backstops.

Charlie Doyle – Commercial Artist – Alta Vista

It’s okay. It’s fun. I live in Alta Vista, so the bike trail’s right out my front door, so it’s a good way to avoid using the car. The parks I find I don’t use. I used Lost Lake prior to it being a park, although I recognize the improvements. Obviously they need more lakefront.

Joan Richoz – Homemaker – Alpine Meadows

I use the bike trails. They need to be a little wider or have a white line down the middle for safety. I use Lost Lake in the summer for swimming and in the winter for cross-country skiing. More beaches are needed – we don’t have waterfront property. I prefer Lost Lake Park, but you can’t get there in five minutes, as the neighbourhood parks are necessary.

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