Return of the Slush Cup

Photograph by Greg Griffith.
Photograph by Greg Griffith.

As Doug Larson once said, “Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush” – and in this case, we’ll feel like whistling with a ski boot full of slush!

This year marks the return of the infamous Slush Cup, where competitors attempt to clear a massive slush pit. While the origins of the Slush Cup are uncertain, our archives suggest that the event has been a part of Whistler’s history for quite some time.

The Great Slush Cup is one of the closing activities at GO Fest and will be held on Monday, May 19th at Glacier Creek Lodge on Blackcomb Mountain. This seems like a fitting festival ender, as participants are encouraged to “dress to impress” (meaning as outlandish as possible, of course), so everyone will be ready to hit the clubs and after-parties in their swimwear, dinosaur costumes and nude-suits – whichever you prefer!

Find out more about GO Fest and the Great Slush Cup here.

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