Discover Nature

This “pop up” museum explores Whistler’s unique natural history and includes visual displays and on-site interpreters. Different themes and aspects of Whistler’s natural history are rotated and explored daily throughout the week. Mondays through Fridays in July and August. 11 am – 5 pm. 

The start of Discover Nature: 

The Whistler Museum has a mandate to “collect, preserve, document and interpret the natural and human history of mountain life”. In order to fulfill the natural history component of our mandate, which is simply the ever changing story of nature, the Whistler Museum, Whistler Naturalists and Whistler Biodiversity Project have a long-standing partnership. Building on this successful partnership,  we’ve been running the Discover Nature program at Lost Lake since the summer of 2015.

The goal of Discover Nature is to connect people to nature, the first step towards stewardship. “People will only care for what they first care about”.   

More ways to Discover Nature: 

The main component of the Discover Nature program is a ‘pop-up’ museum at Lost Lake by the warming hut. Another component is the self-guided Video Guided Nature Tour in Lost Lake Park that starts near the PassivHaus and runs along the nature trail that follows Blackcomb Creek. There are 10 stops of interest to learn more about topics like birds, bears, trees, glaciers, and more! Finally, we also have a nature booklet for kids, full of fun activities that teach about the wonders of nature here in Whistler. We hope you join us!


Lost Lake Park(Beach). Whistler, BC


Mondays through Fridays

July and August.

11 am – 5 pm.