Crafts in the Park 2020

Crafts in the Park is going virtual this summer! The Whistler Museum and the Whistler Public Library have teamed up again to present Crafts FROM the Park, offering a different craft every week from July 11 through August 22. Each Saturday we will share a video filmed in Florence Petersen Park to share a little about Whistler’s history and lead you through a craft project.

You’ll find the video on Facebook, on the Library and Museum’s YouTube channels, and on the Library and Museum’s websites (including right here!). Families can sign up to receive weekly craft supply packages (email youthservices @ whistlerlibrary .ca to register) and we will also share the craft supply list for each week. Please note that these crafts may require some parental assistance!

Crafts in the Park is supported by the Whistler Museum, Whistler Public Library, and the Province of British Columbia.

Week 1: Skiers & Snowboarders

Welcome to Crafts in the Park, brought to you from Florence Petersen Park! This week we’ll be making our own colourful skiers and snowboarders.

Supply List:

  • skier/snowboarder print out (download the template here)
  • popsicle sticks
  • pipecleaners, stir sticks, or wooden skewers
  • white glue or tape
  • markers, crayons, or pencil crayons

Week 2: Hibernating Bears

For our second week of Crafts in the Park, we’ll be making bears hibernating in their winter den!

Supply List:

  • paper bag, tissue box, or cereal box
  • bear print out (download template here)
  • tree print out (download template here)
  • cotton, scraps of white paper, or anything that looks like snow
  • glue, stapler, or tape
  • markers, crayons, or pencil crayons

Week 3: Gone Fishing

For the third week of Crafts in the Park, we’re going fishing!

Supply List:

  • paper plate, cardboard box, or paper
  • fish print out (download template here)
  • string, yarn or twine
  • paperclips
  • wooden stick, skewer or popsicle stick
  • googly eyes (optional)
  • magnet
  • markers, crayons or pencil crayons

Week 4: Boats!

This week we’re making our own floatable boats! You can decorate your boats and sails to make them as fanciful or plain as you want.

Supply List:

  • coloured or plain paper
  • rubber bands
  • corks
  • wooden stick/skewer/chopstick
  • holepunch/scissors
  • colouring tools

Week 5: COming August 8

Week 6: Coming August 15

Week 7: Coming August 22