Photo Orders

If you are interested in historical Whistler photographs for advertisements, websites, interior design, publications or personal use, we can help.  We have over 200,000 photographs in our archival collection, and a good portion of these have been digitized and uploaded to our searchable online photo gallery.

Photo Gallery:

To order photos:

1.  Determine if your photos will be used for commercial purposes or for personal, educational, or research purposes.  If for commercial use, scroll to the commercial use section further down this page.  If not, continue with these instructions.

2.  Search our photo gallery online or browse the collection until you find the photos you’d like to purchase.  Click ‘Buy Photo’ in the corner of the photo to purchase digital files or prints.  If you need futher help to find what you need or if a photo you’d like is not in our online gallery, email the Head Archivist at

3.  Make your payment and await your shipment of photos.  If you prefer to purchase a print in person instead, the Whistler Museum has the ability to print photographs up to 17″ x 22″ in house or transfer the digital file to you via email.

For personal, educational, or research use

Photos that are not going to be used for revenue-generating purposes or commercial use can be purchased on the gallery website for a small fee.  If you are looking for something specific, we can probably find it for you!  Email our Head Archivist at and we’ll see what we can do.

Photos for commercial use

Usage fees are charged when images are obtained for the purpose of commercial promotion or revenue generation.  This includes, but is not limited to, using photographs for books, magazines, newspapers, calendars, brochures, websites, advertising, and interior or exterior commercial display or decoration.  Different uses have different prices, so please peruse our Price List.  If you have photos from our gallery in mind already, fill out the Photo Order Form with your signature to submit by email or in person.  For commercial use inquiries or other questions, email the Head Archivist at

*When emailing us, refrain from sending screenshots of the photos you’re interested in. Please send us the reference code and/or web link for the photos so that we can get the high-resolution files to you in a timely manner.

Why are there fees for photographs?

We have fees because it is very costly for us to digitize photos and to keep our photo collections safely stored and preserved.  We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization, and as a result our sources of revenue are limited.  These fees help our archivist maintain collections for future use and digitize even more of our vast collection.

How does copyright work for the archival photos?

When photos are donated, copyright is transferred to the Whistler Museum & Archives Society unless the creator has stated otherwise in the donation agreement.  As a result, for some photos in our collections there are legal restrictions of use.  Once purchased, the photo may not be distributed or copied unless express permission is granted by the Whistler Museum & Archives.  To learn more, refer to our Copyright Restrictions.